Sun & Sea Marketing is an independent, full service digital and marketing agency. We help our clients launch new brands or refresh existing brands to give them new light.


Sun and Sea Marketing
Sun and Sea Marketing

Marketing In A New Light

Sun & Sea Marketing was built around the premise of shedding a new light on marketing. It’s no secret that your marketing efforts can make or break your company and it’s imperative that you are using the right elements to reach your target audience.

We want to help you find your style! This means that we design a unique campaign that fits your brand. We specialize in small to medium sized companies that are looking for:

- Digital Marketing - Website Development
- Social Media development and/or maintenance
- Brand Creation and Identity
- New Business Development
- Consulting
- Training
- Media Relations
- Creative Ideas and Campaigns
- Reputation Management
- ….And so much more!

It doesn’t matter what stage of your business you are in. Whether you’re a startup company seeking rapid growth, a seasoned business wanting to capitalize on a new service or offering, or looking to expand into new markets, we are here to help!

Creative | Innovation | Simplicity

Sun & Sea Marketing’s Creative Process includes:

Cups of Coffee
Slack Messages
Slices of Pizza
Smiles From Our Clients

Grow Your Brand With Us!

What exactly is your brand? Your brand is your company’s voice. It’s the way customers recognize you. It’s the font, color scheme, text, images, feeling, voice and personality of your company. Having a strong brand would make your company instantly recognizable on the web, social media, billboards, magazines and brick n mortar shops.

In order to grow your brand, it’s important to start from the basics and find the pure values that your brand represents. We’ll be able to create a brand strategy for you from these values that gives your brand a voice and brings growth.

We are passionate about creating content that reshapes the connection between brand and consumers. We want you to be able to communicate a powerful message to your fans, and connect on a deeper level.


“Marketing’s job is never done.
It's all about Perpetual Motion.
We must continue to innovate every day."


Services - Just a few of the many services we offer.


A brand is a company's face to the world. What does your image say about you and your brand? The successful development of your company depends on your image and brand.

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Social Media

Social Marketing can help build your brand, customer loyalty, and customer base. Let us design your own customized social media marketing plan to help your company grow.

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Creative Services

We specialize in creating a unique and creative campaign that is custom tailored to your company’s needs. We help to elevate your company to stand out from the competition.

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Sunny Thoughts

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